What’s a Nerd Jam?

Initiated to foster multidisciplinary collaboration between designers and artists of all persuasions, the Design Nerd Jams are a gathering of creative people with energy, creative ideas and a love of potlucks! Jams encourage fun, creative mental meanderings; bring together like-minded people; and help facilitate unlikely new connections. We eat, people quickly present their ideas in a supportive atmosphere, and we then pick a few to Jam on in more focused groups.

Along with food, drink and people who like group brainstorming, it is ideas and projects that are at the heart of a Nerd Jam.  We are interested in jamming on projects in need of new energy, a design competition you’d like to find a team for, an installation you’d like to create for a festival, or simply a crazy idea you’ve had roaming around in your head. Examples of past Nerd Jam ideas include a bicycle safety contraption/outfit, a network of connected green roofs throughout the city, robots that crowd-source their way through the city, bare wall outdoor movie screenings, guerrilla bike lanes, and re-purposing an old TTC streetcar.  For other nerdy inspiration check out the Vancouver Design Nerds’ projects!

Nerd Jams occur on an irregular basis and are open to everyone who’s interested. Here are some of the many ways to participate:

  1. Bring food/drink to share;
  2. Make new friends;
  3. Enjoy the ideas of others;
  4. Share an idea/project related to the Jam theme (optional!);
  5. Have fun exploring ideas with others.

Yup, that’s it!

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