About Toronto Design Nerds

The Toronto Design Nerds is modeled after its big cousin out west, the Vancouver Design Nerds. The concept is to create and nurture a network of designers and artists (but really, anyone interested in design, community and collaboration) who desire to engage in design thinking and collaborative projects with a spirit of exploration and creative play, and to re-imagine the typical day-to-day environment of their city. Diversity in the group enriches the design process and propels discussion far beyond the prescribed parameters of a project, revealing opportunities and unanticipated, often surprising results.

Design Nerds are a varied bunch. Examples of their nerdy interests include fine arts, civic engagement, robotics, architecture, urban design, pedal technology, sustainability, sculpture, mobile technology, planning, handmade craft, green building, graphic design, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, photography, interior design, project management and more. Come to a Nerd Jam, participate in a project, talk nerdy to us!

There are also Nerds in Vancouver and Stockholm, and the Empire is still expanding!

Our former site was at torontodesignnerds.wikispaces.com. We’ll be looking at incorporating a wiki or other sort of collaborative tool into this new website…

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